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Isaac gets a wife

Marianna Richardson

C. S. Lewis: Latter-day Truths in Narnia explores Lewis’s life, his writings, and his influence on LDS writers, scholars, and authorities.
Education Week speaker, Marianna Richardson, brings a bright overview of the Jewish scholar quoted by Talmage
Transitioning back to normal life from serving a full-time mission can be difficult. Great ideas for making this an easier time

Annette Tilleman-Dick

Avid and successful homeschooler, Annette, shares her feelings and gives advice
Annette speaking at The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice where she serves
Annette presents a new way of looking at the long pages of genealogy in the Bible

Christine Thackeray

A busy mom has a day off until an angel comes and asks for some help, changing the way she looks at service
Eight sisters share childhood memories that made them better and still make them laugh
Cath Reed reaches out to an elderly woman she can only reach through notes, but it’s the letters she gets back that change her