Nebuchadnezzar the Bad parent

Week Forty Five: Daniel 1–6
The experience reported in Daniel 3 joins an impressive array of awe inspiring, and faith-promoting experiences in the Old Testament. A number involve fire, water and air. Noah, the flood and rainbow; Moses…the parting of the Red Sea and manna from the sky; Elijah, fire falling from heaven to consume his water soaked offering and Elijah ascending to heaven in a chariot of fire. These miracles were certainly memorable.Read More

Jericho and Rahab

Week Twenty Two: Joshua 1–8; 23–24
Rahab, the harlot of Jericho, maybe a woman you might want to judge for her mistakes, as in the earlier story of Tamar, the daughter-in-law of Judah. Some scholars think she might have been an innkeeper; other scholars think she probably was a prostitute, which is why she could so easily hide two men in her apartment without any trouble. Read More