Where Dwellest Thou?

January: We are Responsible for our own Learning

We all know the story of the rich young man in Matthew 19 who came to the Savior and asked, “Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?”

The Lord replies: “If thou wilt enter into eternal life, keep the commandments.”

The young rich man says. “All these things have I kept form my youth up: what lack I yet?”

At which point the Lord asks him to sell all he has and come follow him.

The young man couldn’t do it and went away sorrowful.

What do you think the young man was expecting? I wonder if he wanted the Savior to tell him “You’re doing great just the way you are. Bravo. Keep up the good work.”

In contrast, in the first chapter of John there is another group of righteous men that approach the Savior. Right after Christ was baptism and the Holy Ghost descended on him, John the Baptist declares, “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world” (John 1:29)

As John “saw and bare record” of the Christ, two of those that had followed John approached the Savior.

Christ’s asks “What seek ye?” And their reply is so touching. They ask Christ where he lives. (Where dwellest thou?”) Christ says come and see, and they follow him to his home and stay with him.

Their hearts were so prepared that they asked the Savior if they could follow him rather than the other way around.

These two disciples were John the beloved and Andrew, Peter’s brother, who would be called as Apostles. They had already left behind things of the world to learn of Christ and were waiting for Christ to arrive. Ready to move forward once the call came.

Both the rich young man and these two disciples had kept the commandments from their youth, but the difference in their faith and intent was miles apart. If the Savior came tomorrow, would we be ready to follow him? Are we willing to follow his authorized servants now, even when it is something inconvenient or frustrating?

Most of all, are we asking for where the Lord would have us be and what we should be doing so that when he comes, we are already there?

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