Judging Tamar

Week Eleven: Genesis 37–41
As a young single adult in college, I remember grocery shopping and noticing a young mom with many preschoolers. Two toddlers were fighting in the shopping cart while the baby in the carrier was crying. A judgmental thought came into my mind: Why wasn’t this mother taking better care of her children? Five years later, I was in the same situation as that young mom with two fighting toddlers and a newborn crying in a carrier, and my judgmental thought came vividly back to my mind...Read More

The Grasp of Potiphar’s Wife

Week Eleven: Genesis 37–41
After Joseph is sold into Egypt, he becomes a servant in Potiphar’s house. Because “the Lord was with Joseph” (Gen 39:2), Potiphar puts him in charge. In fact, he hands all he has to Joseph and doesn’t even know what he has, “save the bread he did eat.” That’s how much Potiphar trusts Joseph...Read More

Leah: Enduring Well

Week Ten: Genesis 28–33
The first time Jacob met Rachel it seemed like love at first sight. After seeing his cousin with her father’s sheep, he, much like his mother Rebekah had, watered the flock of his intended family. Then it says, “Jacob kissed Rachel, and lifted up his voice, and wept.” (Gen. 29:11) One could assume he wept for joy... Read More

Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?

Week Four: Genesis 18–23
When the Lord calls me to do something difficult, the thought crosses my mind, “There is no way that I can do that!” But I move forward, struggling ahead with the Lord by my side. With His help, my heart fills with His hope that His works will be accomplished through me, a weak and simple vessel...Read More